Your Guide to Greek Spirits

Greece is best known for its breathtaking scenery, delicious cuisine, and rich history. But, did you know that it’s famous for creating the best spirits collections in the world? 


Here are some popular spirits from Greece that can be enjoyed on their own or in a cocktail! Visit Trade in Boston, MA, to try some of our Greek craft cocktails – or grab a glass of Ouzo on its own! 



Ouzo is one of the most popular spirits in all of Greece. It is probably the one you have heard most of and is served both alone or in cocktails. This unique beverage was created in the 1800s and can only be made in Greece and Cyprus. This black licorice-flavored drink, a cloudy white color, is usually served alongside appetizers such as cheese, dips, or olives. Ouzo is made with grape or grain and is distilled with anise and fennel. The proper way to enjoy Ouzo is served chilled and diluted with water.   



Tsipouro has a close resemblance to Ouzo. There are records of tsipouro production dating back to the 14th century, but it remains much less popular than Ouzo outside Greece. This liquor is crafted using the leftover grapes from winemaking. This Greek spirit is both potent in taste and alcohol. Like Ouzo, tsipouro is served cold, slightly diluted with water, and typically enjoyed during a meal’s appetizer portion. 



Tentura is a dark liquor that is originating from Patras, Greece. It’s a combination of brandy, rum, herbs, and authentic Greek spices. You will find hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and citrus incorporated into the drink. Tentura can be mixed in a cocktail or enjoyed neat over ice. The Greeks typically serve tentura as an aperitif or as a digestif. 


Methexis Cigar

This Greek Brandy is a complex bouquet of aromas. It references the grape variety, notes of dried fruit, vanilla, toasted dried nuts, and tobacco dominating—an excellent combination of strength, complexity, and finesse.



Masthia is a refreshing drink many Greek communities love to enjoy on a warm day. This drink is produced on the island of Chios from the raisin of mastic trees. This drink is unique to the country as the raisins are only grown here. Masthia is a sweet liquor with hints of pine, herbs, and citrus and is traditionally served as an aperitif. 


Find These Greek Spirits At Trade In Boston MA

We offer a wide selection of Ouzo, tsipouro, masthia, and more! Perfect for sipping while enjoying meze and good company. Make a reservation for an authentic Greek dining experience. We also offer ouzo or brandy flights for you to try various options – view our menu to start planning your trip. 

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