Greece is known for its beautiful cities, unique beaches, and lively culture. Many choose to visit this country because of its rich mythological history and not to mention the beautiful, picturesque landscape. This has made it one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Greece is also known for its incredibly healthy and fresh foods – from seafood caught in the harbor to olives picked off the trees.

Many Greek cooks choose to use the same fresh ingredients and traditional recipes when making their favorite dishes. This remains one of the main reasons why Greek cuisine has one of the richest cultures and has spread throughout regions around the world. Keep reading below to learn more reasons why Greek food is one of the most unique cuisines, and why you should incorporate Mediterranean food into your diet! Here are the reasons Greek food is a fantastic cuisine. Sip some wine, dip some bread in olive oil, and let’s get to it!


One of the best things about Greek cuisine is that it is healthy. If you come from Greek or Mediterranean origins, you probably get most vitamins from the meals you eat that are rich in vegetables, fruits, and fish. The most popular dishes in Greece are typically vegetable-based, making each plate full of the nutrients you need, and can easily be made vegan friendly. If you want meat during a meal, it’s most likely in a side dish. Olives are the most popular ingredient in Greek food, and it provides great benefits for your body including healthy oils, nutrients, and strong flavors.


Greek food has been around for centuries, so you’ll begin to notice that each recipe may have a different twist. Each dish has a blend of different cultures that have been added, taken away, and morphed over the years. This makes their dishes full of not only stories but lots of fun and unique flavors. Throughout Greek history, many nationalities visited the beautiful country and introduced different ingredients to incorporate into their traditional Greek food.


Greeks are known and always have been known to bind themselves into their traditions. Aside from values and clothing, they typically don’t forget the story of their meals and how they’re traditionally consumed. These strong ties to tradition are what makes Greek food different from the rest. The customs that Greeks used to cook and eat their food centuries back is the same way they cook and eat their food today.


Lastly, one of our favorite parts of Greek cuisine and why it is so unique is always having friends and family around. Eating together is a daily event, special occasion or not. Next time you decide to sit down with a cup of coffee and pastry, inviting a friend will attract more people.  Before you know it, there are ten people around the table having a feast on any normal weekday. Food is a physical show of love and hospitality – and we honor that here at Trade.


Greeks enjoy cooking and the process surrounding it. Greek food culture can be intense, in the sense that turning down a small appetizer or a “quick snack” may be offensive to those that spent quality time cooking it. Greek food will always remain one of the best cuisines that every person must try and incorporate into their daily lifestyle. If you’re thinking of going on a healthy but flavorful diet, Greek food is the option for you! Visit us at Trade today to try and Greek-inspired Mediterranean dishes built by James Beard two-time winner Jody Adams.

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