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Proven Health Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

Did you know that May 13 is National Hummus Day? In honor of our Greek roots at TRADE, we want to highlight some health benefits of a healthy Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean regimen emphasizes lots of vegetables, fruits, seeds, and fish, with an abundance of olive oil and a moderate amount of dairy foods. The diet also consists of a low amount of red meat. Here are some of the benefits: 


1. Reduced risk of heart disease

The first proven benefit of a Mediterranean diet comes from a randomized clinical trial from 2013 known as the PREDIMED study. This study followed 7,000 men and women who had diabetes or cardiovascular disease. They found that those who ate a calorie-unrestricted Mediterranean diet had a 30% lower risk of heart events.


2. Reduced Women’s Risk for Stroke

In the same study mentioned above, researchers also noted that following a Mediterranean diet could prevent up to 8.5% of stroke cases in women. A 2018 study conducted in the UK had similar findings. Although the results appeared to only apply to women, further research is being done to determine if this is also applicable to men. 


3. Prevention of Cognitive Decline

Evidence suggests a Mediterranean diet will work to slow cognitive decline and prevent progressive diseases like Alzheimer’s. Although much more research is needed, the current findings are certainly promising! Keith Fargo, Ph.D. director of scientific programs at the Alzheimer’s Association, states that the brain is a very hungry organ and needs a large supply of nutrients and oxygen. Following the Mediterranean diet improves cognition, slows cognitive decline, and more. Learn more here


Visit Trade in Boston, MA Today

At TRADE in Boston, MA, we value health and authentic Mediterranean ingredients. We make sure our food is fresh and consumed in the way it is meant to be. The traditional Greek diet is flavorful and nutritious. It’s rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It has also been linked to many favorable health outcomes, as seen above! Consider visiting Trade on Atlantic Ave to indulge in some delicious Mediterranean food on National Hummus day and every day! 

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