At Trade, we provide our customers with a one-of-a-kind Greek-inspired menu curated and mastered by James Beard Award-winning Chef Jody Adams. In 2016, Adams closed the doors on her restaurant Rialto, after a 22-year run in Harvard Square. Inspired by the Greek and Mediterranean lifestyle, the restaurants that Jody Adams and her partners Eric Papachristos, Sean Griffing, and Jon Mendez, contain great food and a unique environment.


Chef Jody Adams grew up in New England and attended Brown University for Anthropology. Soon after, she started to enjoy her side job of cooking in Providence more than the classes she was taking. Famous chef Julia Child and Sarah Moulton both came across Adams at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser event in 1980, where they motivated her to pursue a career in culinary. Who could turn that down?

Adams opened Rialto in 1994 in Harvard Square. Earning a whopping 4 stars from the Boston Globe 4 months after opening, the restaurant was an immediate neighborhood favorite. Publishing a book and getting nominated for the James Beard Award five times, Chef Jody Adams is a Boston celebrity chef. She opened Trade in 2011, and Saloniki Greek and Porto in 2016. With Eric Papachristos and Jon Mendez by her side, they took the restaurant scene in Boston by storm.


Have you been looking for a taste of Chef Jody Adams’ signature Mediterranean dishes? With a different restaurant for each occasion, you truly can’t miss it. Saloniki Greek will provide you with fast-casual Greek food during a busy workday, Porto will give you the white-tablecloth formality of a business dinner, whereas Trade brings a unique combination of exquisite cuisine and warm atmosphere – truly perfect for any occasion.

With a closet full of awards for her food and restaurants, Jody Adams is also a strong advocate for children’s welfare & combating hunger through her support of the Boston Food Bank. In addition to the James Beard awards that she has won, she also received the Humanitarian of the Year Award from Share our Strength.

Chef Jody Adams may seem like she is perched at the pinnacle of her career, but who knows what is right around the corner when it comes to Chef Jody Adams. Stay up to date with her restaurants and specials by subscribing to our newsletter. Visit our website or contact us at Trade to learn more about our famous Chef Jody Adams!

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