Greek Wines for the Holiday Season

Greeks are one of the first people to that have produced wine worldwide. They have the most experience and widest collection of wines out of most countries. According to historians, the history of wines dates back to 6,500 years. Considering how many old and vast vineyards are established in Greece, it’s justifiably one of the most famous countries for its wines. 


With so much variety, it’s difficult to judge which ones would be the best for your Greek holiday celebration. While it isn’t an easy decision to make, you can never go wrong with any of these options. They all have something unique and tasty to offer at the dinner table. 



In Greek, Xinomavro literally translates to “sour black,” and it’s the leading grape variety of Macedonia. Xinomavro is mainly seen in the areas like Amyndeo and Naoussa. 


This wine has excellent aging potential (its taste gets better the longer it sits on the shelf) and has a rich tannic touch. Xinomavro is compared to the classic Italian Nebbiolo because of its licorice notes and dark cherry character. 



Agiorgitiko is native to Nemea; it’s a popular wine village in the region of Peloponnese, which is renowned for this particular grape. It’s a robust and classic red wine with nutmeg, sweetened raspberry, and blackcurrant. It also contains little hints of smooth tannins and notes of bitter herbs. 


The rosés made out of Agiorgitiko have a vibrant dark pink color and spiced raspberry hints. People often prefer this wine because of its texture and tangy taste on the tongue.



These grapes grow in the famous region of central Peloponnese. These grapes produce crispy and dry textured wine that is full of pleasant aromas. People who have a keen sense of smell enjoy this wine’s fragrance more than others and have found its taste equally pleasant.


This wine has more than one flavor, and you may find notes of sweet lemon and peach. When you give it some time to sit and age, it develops a hint of dried fruits flavor and apricot too.



Assyrtiko was initially produced on the Island of Santorini, and for a while, it was the most popular wine in all of Greece. Assyrtiko’s popularity is one of the reasons for its current nationwide production. People have loved this wine for a long time and continue to do so.


Assyrtiko’s a grape that holds onto its acidity after it ripened. It’s a lightweight white wine with subtle hints of saltiness and bitterness and lemon flavors. The saltiness is the courtesy of the sea air since the vineyards are located near the ocean.


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Any of these wines will be a remarkable collection for the holiday season. When you are celebrating Christmas or thanksgiving, these wines will only enhance the experience with relaxation and pleasant warmth that only a bottle of wine from Greece can provide. Visit Trade today for delicious Greek wines and authentic Greek cuisine this holiday season. 


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