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Celebrate Greek Easter with these Boston, MA Spots

Have you ever wondered why there are two Easter holidays on your calendar? For Greek communities, Easter is one of the year’s biggest holidays. Many celebrations of Easter have heavy roots in pre-Christian times, whereas current Easter celebrations connect with the Orthodox faith.


The Christian Easter holiday is celebrated in early spring, and Orthodox Easter is typically celebrated almost a month later. Easter celebrated in the US on the first Sunday after the first full moon of the spring equinox – always falling between March 22 and April 25. Orthodox Easter is observed on the Sunday after the first full moon after Passover, falling between April 4 and May 8.


The decision to separate the two Easters can be attributed to a decision by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. Much of Europe followed the Julian-style calendar, which the pope wanted to change because it ran a few minutes long each day. He implemented the Gregorian calendar. The Catholic church uses a Gregorian calendar to determine their holidays, while the Orthodox Christians still use a Julian calendar. This means they celebrate the same holidays on different days.


Check Out These Spring Activities in Boston, MA

Highland Street Spring Week from April 18 to April 22

Spring Week is back for 2022 from the Highland Street Foundation. This year, the admissions will be free for families – and there will be plenty of activities for people of all ages. View more here.

247th Patriots Day Parade on April 18 at City Hall Plaza

Join the City of Boston for our annual Patriots Day parade on April 18 at city hall plaza. The parade will begin at 9 AM and be followed by a Paul Revere reenactment. View more information here.

Easter and Marathon Monday at Porto in The Back Bay

Visit our Mediterranean restaurant partner, Porto, for some delicious Easter specials in the works, which will continue on Marathon Monday. Head to Porto for brunch options like quiche or eggs Benedict and festive lunch and dinner, including crab cakes with tarragon-lime yogurt, a lobster roll with lemon and fine herbs, etc. Learn more here.


Visit Trade for Lunch in Downtown Boston

Trade on Atlantic Ave in Boston, MA, is now serving lunches, perfect for a day out in the town. Planning a trip to the city for the upcoming holiday, or just looking to enjoy the spring weather?

Trade offers a revitalizing departure from everyday life. Inspired by the most profound notions of Greek and Mediterranean ways of life, conversation, sharing of plates, and relationship-building, Trade is where experiences flow. Plan your visit to Trade at our website today!

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