Picture yourself sitting under the shade of a tree in a Greek restaurant by the sea, grab a glass of wine, and let locals guide you through local Greek seafood dishes, all made of good quality fresh ingredients, topped with the appropriate dose of spices and herbs, and flooded with the famous Greek olive oil. We know that Trade in Boston, MA isn’t quite like a restaurant in Greece, but we can try. Here is our guide to our favorite Greek seafood dishes!


If you want the real taste of the Greek sea, try the salty broth coming from delicious mussels. This tasty dish of Greece is extremely popular, mainly in the fish restaurants of northern Greece. At Trade, we prepare our Greek steamed Hollander desert island mussels are prepared with a delicious white wine sauce and roasted garlic butter, topped with tomatoes and seaweed and mixed with gem clams.


Greek shrimp is usually prepared in a small frying pan, in Greece this is called a saganaki, and can be served as a starter or appetizer depending on your preference, but it is typically quite filling. In traditional recipes, shrimps will first be sauteed in olive oil, then they will be glazed with traditional Greek wine. Afterward, it is then poured into a spicy tomato sauce with fresh herbs and salty feta chees.


Calamari and octopus dishes are some of the most popular Greek meals that are served in every restaurant throughout Greece. Calamari is typically prepared and fried with flour and a seasoning mix but is even better with a wedge of lemon. Octopus with pasta is a classic Greek dish. At Trade, we have calamari served with sweet lemon aioli and pickled peppers. We served our Octopus A La Plancha with fava Santorini, dill potatoes, sesame seeds, and fried capers.

Greek seafood is a huge piece of Greek cuisine. Visit us at Trade today to try our Greek-inspired Mediterranean seafood dishes built by James Beard two-time winner Jody Adams. Visit our website to request catering or event services.

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