STAFF PICKS: Steve Galgano


Staff Picks – Steve Galgano
Interview by Jillian Marks

Steve Galgano, originally from Connecticut, moved to Boston for school where he attended Emerson College. After spending a few years bar-backing he entered the bartending industry and has worked successfully as Trade’s bartender for the past eight months.

How long have you been bartending?
I’ve been bartending for almost four years but I bar-backed for three years before that. I was bartending at Coppersmith in South Boston for a while before I came to Trade.

How did you first become interested in bartending?
When I was bar-backing I started to get a real feel for the industry and I had a lot of good mentors throughout the years. I just thought to myself that this would be such a cool industry to break into so I kept at it.

What led you to work at Trade?
I worked at a lot of places that were kind of disorganized and I wanted to work in a really good place that served good drinks and where people cared about what they were doing. I definitely found that here at Trade. I also love the people that I work with here. They’re great.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Boston?
Besides drink? No, I love to go out to eat and drink. South Boston and Fenway are great. I love Lincoln Tavern, Loco, The Junction, and Sweet Cheeks.

Do you have a favorite dish at Trade?
The burger. It’s sneaky good. I also love the rigatoni.

What’s your favorite drink at Trade?
Beets by Trade! It’s the only one on the menu that I’ve created but I’ve had a few pretty successful “Trust Your Bartenders” as well. That’s just when the bartenders or servers come up with their own drink special.

Any last words?
Try Beets by Trade!