STAFF PICKS: Katie Gordon


Interview by Jillian Marks

Katie Gordon has been working at Trade for 2 years. She began as a line cook before switching over to pastry.

What is your job here at Trade?
I do pastry here. All of my experience is actually on the savory side but I’ve always wanted to do baking and had just never gotten into it. When they asked me if I would help with pastry that was my opportunity to learn and make the switch.

When did you become interested in baking?
I’ve baked all my life but not professionally until Trade. I have always enjoyed making stuff at home and experimenting with different things, like using applesauce instead of oil. I went to school at the Atlantic Culinary Academy with the intention to learn savory and then switch over to pastry so that’s happening now.

What was the most challenging part about switching from savory to pastry?
Savory and pastry are so different. I think the hardest part of switching for me was having to follow technique and recipes, which aren’t as crucial for cooking.

Was cooking and baking a big part of your family?
I grew up with my Nana and mom cooking and after my mom passed my dad cooked up a storm. I was always helping my dad out in the kitchen and when my sister got pregnant I would cook for her almost every night. I’ve really just been surrounded by cooking my whole life.

Do you create the dessert recipes on the menu?
Most of the desserts on the menu are Chef Adam’s recipes. She knows so much and comes in and goes over recipes and technique with me. I came to Trade to be able to work under her so it’s really incredible.

Can you tell me a little bit about the new dessert changes? Those were my idea! The grilled peaches will have smoked candy pecans as well as vanilla ice cream and a brown butter bourbon sauce. I also came up with the almond flavored cheesecake which will have a cherry caramel sauce and pistachio brittle on top.

Do you create your own recipes a lot?
Yes, I’m always playing around. I get my ideas from looking online, in books, at different restaurants, and just seeing what’s out there. I keep a list and every once in a while I bring in my ideas and see if they take them. They put these ones on the menu so it’s really exciting!

What’s your favorite part about working at Trade?
I love that the menu is always changing. Everyone here is also so nice and It’s a great atmosphere to work. The owners are great and they’re always here, active, and they know everyone’s names and that just says a lot about the kind of place that Trade is.

What’s your favorite dish on the menu?
I’ve always loved the calamari and the new dishes are amazing! The new pork ribs with pomegranate are so good!