Cory Seeker has been with Trade since the restaurant opened its doors in October 2011. A native of Pennsylvania, Cory attended culinary school outside Pittsburgh and spent time cooking seasonally between Cape Cod and Key Largo, Florida. He heard about Trade from a friend and had an interesting transition period before finally settling in and become Chef de Cuisine in three years’ time!
Interview by Anastasia Kontchaeva
 What were you doing before Trade?
I was working in Cape Cod, cooking in the city of Wellfleet. It was seasonal work every six months. I was also working in Key Largo. I went to culinary school outside Pittsburgb. Somehow I got the opportunity to go to Key Largo with a bunch of friends from my school.Then I didn’t want to go home so the first place that hired me, I went there, which was in Cape Cod.Then I got sick of moving every six months so I came here.
How long have you been in the food industry?
Almost eleven years.
What lead you to work at Trade?
I wanted to settle down and come to Boston. One of my friends called me and told me that Trade was hiring. I came here for an interview, did a stage, and they actually weren’t going to hire me. They thought they were only going to be half as busy as they are. I kept calling every day, and one week later they let me come and stage again. It happened to be their soft opening and they were getting so busy and at the end they were like, “When can you start?” So for the longest time I was still living in Cape Cod and I would wake up, work there for a couple of hours, then get in my car and drive to Boston to work here. I was working from like 11 AM to 11 PM or midnight. Then I’d get in my car and drive back to Cape Cod. I did that for like three weeks.
How did you find out about Trade?
My friend RJ. I never mentioned to him that I was looking to come to Boston at all but he called me and told me about Trade.
What do you like to do in your free time?
I ride motorcycles, go to the gym, and watch all of football and hockey. Sometimes I just wait to come back to work. Love sleeping – huge fan.
What’s your favorite thing to do around Boston?
I go to spin a lot at Bespoke. I love going out to eat and drink. I love Alden & Harlow – definitely my favorite. I love Yvonne’s. Toro, sometimes, Biddy’s and the Envoy.
What do you like most about working at Trade?
At first it was how fast I was able to move up. I started as a prep cook and within a few weeks I moved to Flatbreads. Then I worked cold, I worked grill, I worked sauté. then I became Junior Sous Chef, Sous Chef, Executive Sous Chef and Chef de Cuisine. It took me about three years. At first that was really cool. It was so scary coming in here at first. The other cool thing is that I get so much say. How the menu’s going to go, what we’re going to do next, events…if there’s a party or buyout I can write the menu.
What is your favorite dish at Trade?
The Tasso Ham and Gouda flatbread. I love the Multigrain Bowl at lunchtime. I like to say all of it is pretty awesome. Some of them have always been here like the Rigatoni and the Mushroom & Fig flatbread – those have been staples.
What would you tell someone who wants to be a chef?
What worked for me – whatever you have going on, just set it aside for three years!



Interview by Anastasia Kontchaeva

Phil started bartending at Trade in February of this year. Before this, he was slinging drinks at the Top of the Hub on the 52nd floor of Prudential Center. When he’s not beaching it at the Cape, catch him at Fenway rooting for the Sox.

How long have you been working in the food industry?
About two years. Before that I was going to school for communications UMAss Amherst.

What lead you to work at Trade?
I left my old job, took a little vacation and then I needed another job. I looked into it, and decided I wanted to come in and interview.

Why did you want to work here?
When I was reading into it, the cocktail program was really good, I knew the bar director was pretty well known so I wanted to learn from him.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to golf, I like to go to the beach. I grew up on the cape in Yarmouth so I go down to the cape as much as I can. I see old friends and family.

What is your favorite thing to do around Boston?
Go to Red Sox games – I’ve been about 12 times this year!

What do you like most about working at Trade?
The camaraderie of the people, they’re really nice here. It’s fast paced, I like that. Time goes fast, the bar is busy.

What’s your favorite accomplishment here?
We were in The Cue for a drink and we came in second by a couple of votes so that’s pretty good for the team! We had to work with Mount Gay Rum…We needed something sweet and something light. I’m a big fan of the Hibiscus Liqueur we have here, which is what we put in the Hawaiian Shirt, so it’s similar.

What is your favorite dish at Trade?
I’m a big fan of the fried chicken sandwich and the steak salad. When it comes to dinner, I’m pretty simple. The half chicken is very good.

What’s your favorite drink?
Favorite drink by far, Beets by Trade. Earthy and full of nutrients.


STAFF PICK: Karla Crespo


Karla has been working as a server at Trade since January 2015. Before moving to Boston, she was living in Miami and working in the food industry for 10 years, gaining experience food running, bartending, and serving.


What lead you to work at Trade?
It was the first job I took when I moved to Boston. I had also started training at another restaurant but I felt I identified more with Trade. The food that we have, the ingredients that we use, and how we approach food…I thought this would be more my style. I do believe in the food and in the bar program that we have. The chef is so talented. And Jody Adams does a great job supporting young talent in the kitchen. That’s why our kitchen is full of young people and I really appreciate that – I think the food and beverage industry is full of creativity and talent and it’s something that most people are just understanding now, but she’s been doing it for a while.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Fitness is my passion. I love working out outside on the beach.

What is your favorite thing to do around Boston?
Eat and drink! I really like Bastille Kitchen, it’s one of my favorite places.

What do you like most about working at Trade?
The very interesting people that we get to meet, including the staff. A lot of determined and smart people. And how inspiring they are with what they want to do at work and outside of work. A lot of artists here. That’s the best thing. The food is outstanding too.

What’s your favorite dish at Trade?
All the vegetable small plates! Sweet potatoes, broccoli, brussels. I’m not even a vegetarian, but the approach that we take is for everyone, even if you don’t like broccoli, you’re gonna love the broccoli plate.

STAFF PICKS: Anastasia Kontchaeva


Interview by Jillian Marks

Anastasia has been working as a host at Trade for a year. This year she will be finishing school at DePaul University earning a degree in communication and media studies.

What lead you to work at Trade?
I had just moved to Boston and was looking for a job and Trade was the first interview that I got. I worked in a small bakery when I was fifteen which was really fun but I didn’t have any experience working in a restaurant. A lot of my friends had been hosts over the years though so I thought it was something I would try.

What were you doing before coming to Trade?
Before coming to Boston I was living in Valencia, Spain where I was making music. Since I had decided to take a break from school I was free to have this last opportunity to just go and do something fun. I got to be with my family in Spain, write a lot, and work on my music.

Have you always been interested in music?
Yes, ever since I was little. My family is from Moscow, Russia where my mom had attended music school throughout her childhood. She’s really good at playing the piano so she taught me how to play. I started with that and then I learned violin and flute. I also started singing and by fourteen I was writing my own music as well. It was only in the last few years that I started taking my music more seriously though. I learned how to play the guitar and work with software which allowed me to advance and put out an EP (extended play).

Are you working on anything at the moment?
Right now I’m working on a couple of different projects. I have a music blog where I translate Russian music, articles, and interviews into English. I hope that in the future it can be a sort of hub for musical and cultural relations between the US and Russia.

What do you do when you’re not at Trade?
Right now I’m interning at Zumix, which is a nonprofit arts organization that has music programs for kids in East Boston. It started 25 years ago to give kids something to be passionate about. I’m doing marketing and development there so I come up with strategies for social media and content. I also sit in on the youth advisory board meetings which is really cool. The kids have so many great ideas and they’re so smart and it’s amazing to be a part of.

What’s your favorite thing to do around Boston?
Anything is really fun for me right now because everything is still new. I like finding new restaurants and local events like The Lawn on D and Fort Point art open studios. I also love traveling around Boston because there are so many cool and close places to check out like Salem, Nantucket, and Cape Cod.

What’s your favorite part about working at Trade?
Definitely the people. Everyone here is so open, sweet, and fun-spirited. They’re fun to talk to and spend your day with. We all really care about each other and that’s the best part.

What’s your favorite dish here at Trade?
The baked Alaska because it’s gluten and dairy-free. I didn’t even know what a baked Alaska was before I started working at Trade but I tried it here and it’s really good!