Friends of Trade

Here are the neighbors and businesses we’re lucky to have befriended!

Cafco Construction
They built us from the ground up

Mary Ann Thompson Architects
The masterminds behind TRADE’s interior design

David Ellison of the Lorimer Workshop
The craftsman behind our tables

Fay Butler Fab/Metal Shaping
The artist behind our two stunning oversized metal lights

Friends of Fort Point Channel
Our lovely neighborhood community

The Intercontinental Hotel
Our elegant neighbor and one of the most beautiful hotel’s we’ve seen


Adam & Company 
Identity design and branding 


Sparrow Arc Farm
Blue Heron Farm 
Siena Farms
Woodbury’s Clams
Mozzarella House
Taza Chocolate
Iggy’s Bread
Christina’s Ice Cream and Spices
Crooked Brook
Rancho Gordo
Accardi Foods
A. Russo’s and Sons
Specialty Foods Boston
Seafood Specialties
Paul W. Marks
William and Company
Equal Exchange Coffee